Street Food of India is a stunning visual documentation of the mind-boggling array of roadside snacks available in even the remotest corner of the country. From masala chai to vada pao, from parathas to chole-bhature, this book will take you on a journey that no true-blue foodie can forget. The local flavour is palpable as you turn the pages, and what s more, you can actually reproduce these mouth-watering eatables with the help of the 46 detailed, authentic recipes provided.

“My favorite is “Street Food of India” by Sephi Bergerson, a photographer who lives in Delhi. In just 50 recipes and under 200 pages, Mr. Bergerson accomplishes the rare feat of capturing how people eat, not just what. He shows people eating, making and clamoring for the outdoor snacks that are nearly universal in India: cool lemonade spiked with cumin and salt, scalding hot sweet tea with ginger, potato cakes with vibrant herb chutneys.”  Julia Moskin, The New York Times


  • Gourmand Awards - 2nd Place - 2010
  • Best Cookbook Photography (UK) 2010
  • New York Times list of 10 best cookbooks of the year 2010
  • Published in India by Roli Books 2009
  • Published in the UK by I.B.Tauris 2010
  • Published in Germany by Christian Verlag 2010