‘Displaced’ is a project commissioned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP India) as an integral part of the Resettlement & Rehabilitation (R&R) initiative in the state of Odisha, located in eastern India. The project sheds light on the profound impact of the burgeoning Indian economy, which has led to an increasing demand for land for various commercial and industrial ventures. Unfortunately, this economic growth has resulted in the relocation of entire villages and communities.

The series comprises powerful portraits capturing the essence of the villagers in Orissa who have either faced eviction or are on the brink of displacement from their homes and ancestral villages. These individuals find themselves at the heart of a complex narrative, as their lands are allocated to newly constructed industrial projects in the region.

NGO Photographer in India

The ‘Displaced’ project serves as a visual testament to the human stories behind the economic development, illustrating the struggles and challenges faced by those directly affected by the resettlement process. The project aims to foster awareness and understanding of the human cost associated with such large-scale industrial projects. It seeks to advocate for a more compassionate and equitable approach to development, urging stakeholders to consider the welfare of the communities caught in the crossfire of progress.

Each portrait in this series tells a unique story, reflecting the resilience, dignity, and strength of individuals navigating the complexities of displacement and underscores the importance of using visual storytelling to bring attention to social issues, inspiring collective action for sustainable and inclusive development in the face of rapid economic growth.

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