The Truth is One

The truth is one. Evolved minds know it by many names.

I was born in Israel to a secular Jewish family, deeply aware of our history's harrowing chapter, the Jewish Holocaust in Europe. The question of God's existence during those times lingered, yet religious discussions were rare in our household. My personal spiritual journey emerged independently from my upbringing. While I do believe in God, I don't adhere to any organized religion. I see religions as having a divisive history, while spirituality unites us all.

Religions often categorize people as Christians, Jews, or Muslims, but for me, spirituality transcends these labels. Seeking God within oneself, rather than within a church, synagogue, or mosque, defines my spiritual path.

While many find solace in their religious teachings, religions, built on partial truths, can sometimes stifle independent thought. I view inspiration as a form of divine grace and aim to connect with this wellspring through my work. My photographs explore the emotional responses evoked by various religious symbols, especially in connection with the human body. I employ religious objects as styling elements in nude photography, reshaping their original purpose to challenge the unspoken rules and biases that have shaped religious dogma and human behavior.

My focus centers on the three influential monotheistic religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—intertwined by their Middle Eastern origins. Christianity emerged from the Jewish tradition, and Islam, in turn, developed from both Christianity and Judaism. Growing up in Israel immersed me in the daily practices and realities of these three religions, surrounded by churches, mosques, synagogues, cemeteries, and their cultural significance.