Horn Please – Trucks and Trucking in India

If you have ever been to India you must know what ‘Horn Please’ means as it is carefully written on the back of all the trucks in the subcontinent as an advice for the driver who intends to go past them.These images are a part of ‘Horn Please – Trucks and Trucking in India‘; a … Read more

A Motorcycle Expedition Through Spiti Valley

Action and adventure photography is something that I have always loved doing. The thing about this kind of photography is that you must become a part of the adventure and cannot simply tag along. Being a participant gives close access to the events and the action, but also an intimate relationship with the other participants.

Eye Clinic for India’s Truck Drivers

Trucking in india | Eye Camps for Indian truck drivers

Trucking in india is not a simple way of life and India’s truck drivers do not get an easy ride. Away from their families for months at a time, their work requires concentration day and night. Some need to continue driving, despite poor eyesight, to provide for their families. But a new campaign by Shell … Read more

Lecoanet Hemant Fashion House

Lecoanet Hemant is a fashion label, founded by Didier Lecoanet and Hemant Sagar. The label initially was based in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris and focussed only on haute couture designs. However, the label has transitioned the focus to ready-to-wear and has moved their base to Gurgaon, India.

Going To School in India

going to school in india

Going To School in India   Going to school in India is at times a very different experience than the private schools in Delhi or the boarding schools in the hill-stations where the upper middle class and foreign expats send their privileged children. Village India can sometimes be as close as twenty kilometres or less … Read more

Behind The Indian Veil

Traditional Weddings in Modern India Behind The Indian Veil chronicles a journey through uncharted wedding traditions in India. It reveals the differences and similarities in Indian wedding traditions, while seeking the common essence of this grand, colourful, fantastic celebration. As I traveled the length and breadth of India, I was invited into sacred places and … Read more

Street Food Of India

Street Food of India is a stunning visual documentation of the mind-boggling array of roadside snacks available in even the remotest corner of the country. From masala chai to vada pao, from parathas to chole-bhature, this book will take you on a journey that no true-blue foodie can forget. The local flavour is palpable as … Read more

Malaria No More

Malaria No More partners with Odisha state, India’s Malaria Elimination pacesetter. The WHO noted that India’s recent progress against malaria was largely due to substantial malaria case reductions in Odisha State, which has the largest burden of malaria among all the states. Through sustained efforts, such as expanding access to diagnostics and treatment, strengthening data … Read more

Mining in India

Industrial photography in India

Sandvik Mining specialises in equipment, tools and services for the mining industry. The business area is active in exploration, rock drilling, rock cutting, crushing, and loading and hauling solutions for surface and underground applications.  

Displaced in Orissa

NGO photographer in India

Displaced in Orissa     ‘Displaced‘ is a project commissioned by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP India) as part of the R&R (Resettlement & Rehabilitation) project in the state of Odisha in eastern India. With the growing Indian economy grows the demand for land for new commercial and industrial projects and with that comes … Read more

Dharavi – Asia’s Largest Slum

Dharavi, often referred to as Asia’s largest slum, is a vibrant and dynamic neighborhood located in the heart of Mumbai, India. This densely populated area has garnered worldwide attention for its unique blend of resilience, entrepreneurship, and a strong sense of community. Covering an area of approximately 2.1 square kilometers, Dharavi is home to an … Read more

School for Children with Disabilities

APD – ‘the Association for People with Disabilities’ runs a school for children with physical disabilities in Bangalore. The school caters to children with disabilities from varied socio-economic backgrounds. Children not only get to sharpen their academic skills, but also learn to manage their lives and work towards a brighter future.

Lost in Translation | Executive Portrait

Mr. Peter Schuller is the global IT services director at McKinsey & Co. from Dusseldorf. He embodies what we could refer to as an ‘executive on the move’. He spends a large part of his life in transit between hotel rooms, the taxi to the nearest airport and the departure or arrival terminals.

The Lions and Gold of the Masai Mara

A multimedia slideshow from the Masai Mara and Lolgorian township, a local modern-life Masai town on the outskirts of the Mara game reserve. Created using the Fujifilm X100S camera.

A place at the end of the road

Polio India

There is a place in India where the road ends. It isn’t even a proper road as the last six kilometers coming into the town are thick mud and you are unlucky enough to have to travel in the rainy season you’d have to walk these last six as no jeep will take you there. Beyond this little town in Bihar lies the flooded area of the Kosi river and the only way onwards is by boat.


This has been a very busy year for me in India and as the year comes to an end it is time to look back and see where it took me. This is also the very last time I am writing from New Delhi as a resident of this city. After nine years of living … Read more

Hanuman Mandir Flower Market

Travellers visiting Delhi are often surprised to see how late this city starts it’s day. Delhi wakes up early alright, people go for morning walks or yoga practice, but businesses will never open before 10am. If you are up before dawn looking for some adventure, there is very little to do at this early hour. … Read more

Working With an Old Wood Camera

Sometime back I wrote a post about street photography in India titled Maharaja’s postrait photography in 21st centure India . The post was about what today is considered an alternative photographic process that was invented in India and used for decades by many street photographers across the subcontinent, mainly India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. I have … Read more

Following the Elephant God

Every year, sometime in August or September, the city of Mumbai goes crazy and in almost every house people perform their annual worship of Lord Ganesha, celebrating the birthday of the elephant God. Ganesha, the elephant-headed son of Shiva and Parvati, is widely worshiped as the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. This … Read more