The Truth Is One

The Truth is One

The truth is one. Evolved minds know it by many names.

Looking for God in a church, synagogue, or mosque is religion. Looking for God inside is spirituality.

I was born in a secular Jewish house. I believe in God, but I do not follow any organised religion. I feel that all religions have historically divided humanity, while spirituality brings us together. I also feel that inspiration is divine grace, and I am constantly grateful for the flow of blissful creativity.

On the other hand, religions, all based on half-truths, tend to bind followers to a set of core assumptions and dogmatic thinking and thus, in most cases, do not encourage free-thinking.

God is everywhere, and the one I believe in does not encourage me to fear him or require my protection. I am inspired to create photos using religious objects as styling for nude photographs. By doing so, I want to reclaim these worldly objects for the sake of art and alter their original religious purpose to question the attitudes, fears and unwritten rules which have formed religious dogma and people's behaviour within it.