Street Food of India – book reviews

Street Food of India – book reviews

My book ‘Street Food of India’ came out in the right time when people are starting to realize that this phenomenon, so much a part of daily life in India, might not look the same way forever.

For the people of India, street food is an every day thing, like the sacred cow that roams the streets. Nevertheless, as incomes rise and ways of eating change, the inevitable is happening and the street-side treats may soon be a thing of the past. Street food, that symbol of wild, chaotic, urban India, is slowly being harnessed.

THIS book fills a gaping void in the literature on India’s food and its food culture and does so most admirably. . . The author has written an intelligent introduction to the book. It stands out because it has none of the pretences and silly jargon of the arriviste columnist who holds forth on food week after week. . . This book does a service to a neglected part of Indian culture.‘Frontline Magazine’ (click the link to read the full review)

And see ‘Mail Today’ on 03/15/2009 (see picture).

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