The World In Lockdown

The World In Lockdown

The lockdown imposed on all of us due to the corona virus is indeed very challenging but it is also a huge wave that forces us to think out of the box and find new ways to stay relevant and positive.

The spread of the COVID-19 virus made everyone stay home and gave us a lot of time to touch base with old friends across the globe. After all, everyone is home, we have the time and and technology enables us to see each other on our smartphones. My children take this for granted but it was considered science-fiction when I was growing up. I wanted to find a way to document the experience of lockdown around the world through a series of portraits of families or individuals, while I myself am also unable to travel. 

This series of images is entirely shot remotely from my own lockdown home in Goa using FaceTime screenshots as the final image.


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Location : Shot all over the world from my home in Goa, India
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