Two simple maternity shots, and how I did it

Two simple maternity shots, and how I did it

My wife, Shefi, is in the last stages of pregnancy with our twins and is due any day now. We are of course super excited! Knowing that this is the last chance to take some pregnancy shots, I was planning to go out to the nature but the great outdoors is not so easy to find in Delhi. Anywhere you go there are people around. I liked Jeff Newsom’s picture of his pregnant wife and thought I’d play along these lines, but like I said, Delhi . . . so, I reverted to the confines of our small living room

How I did it at home with some help from PhotoShop

Being a documentary photographer, I usually don’t play with PhotoShop effects in my work, but here I decided to give it a go and use some techniques that I wanted to experiment with.

The first picture, about two weeks ago, natural light coming form the door on the left side of the frame. Slow shutter speed. To get the color effect I first converted the image to Grayscale and then applied ‘Antique light’ filter in LR. Further enhancement in PS to give some more depth and contrast. I then superimposed a second shot of a sheet of brown paper to achieve the texture on the wall and her body.


The second session, a week later. On the same wall in our living room but this time using two Nikon Speedlights, an SB900 on the left, and an SB800 on the right. Again, image was then converted to Grayscale and exported to PhotoShop. Worked with filters to achieve the metal blue body color. I then stepped out to the roof, took a shot of the concrete floor and used it for the textured wall.


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